Prayer For Beautiful Womanhood

This week we will be praying for renewed minds and godly character. Join me!

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Intimacy Tip #3


“A loving doe, a graceful deer– may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love.” -Proverbs 5:19

Is it so terrible to say that God created men with a desire for breasts? There are many verses in the bible that tell us that men like breasts, and God created it that way. I’m sure the moment God made Eve, Adam thought, “Woooweee”. We have to understand, as women and wives, that God has created an inner desire in our husbands for the breasts of his wife. God is saying in Proverbs 5:19 that a wife’s breasts are always to satisfy her husband. Now for Tip #3.

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Wednesday Workout- Safe Exercises for Moms (Week One Abs)

sign direction made with rust metal made in 2d software

Every Wednesday I am going to try and post video exercises or stretches that are good for moms no matter how old you are. “Safe for moms” you might think? Yes. If you have given birth there are many exercises you aren’t supposed to do.

Do you have diastasis? Prolapse? Umbilical hernia? These ab exercises will help! They are also safe to do while you are pregnant.

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Foody Friday: Easy Peasy Chocolate Granola Bars

granola bars

With 6 kids I am always trying to find foods that are quick to make but also made with only healthy whole foods. It’s important to me that they snack on healthy food as it is not only beneficial to their minds and bodies but also their attitudes. I had a friend who had rather a kind of wild kids, she took him off of gluten and she said he was a completely different kid. Isn’t the power of food amazing? Well today’s recipes is one I made everyday when we lived in the states.

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Friendship With The World- Introduction (Part 1)



This series is written by my husband.  I’ll be posting the series every Thursday, so if you like it follow us online to get the latest posts.


“You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.” – James 4:4

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What are God’s Goals for our Children? -Part 1

"Handling Tools"

My husband has actually contributed this post. He wrote it for our family ministry website but I want to share it here. Part 2 will be shared next Tuesday. 

Goals are important, not only to have, but also to examine.  Our goals reveal to us our priorities.  They show us what we are focused upon.

Many parents today, when asked about their children’s future, respond by saying something like this: “I just want them to make good grades and stay out of trouble.”  Or, “I just want them to be happy.”  Or, “I want them to be successful.”  Although these goals are well-intended and have a level of importance, they fall very short of God’s goals for our children.  It very possible for our kids to make straight A’s and stay out of trouble, and at the same time, live a life void of Kingdom activity.

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Do you Still Love your Husband?


When we are dating or courting our future husband, we pretty much make them feel like they are kings. We do things that we would never do otherwise. Once, when my husband and I were getting to know each other better, he asked me to swim down this canal of a lake. As we got further back, it was covered in green slim which attached to our skin and it was gross. Sea weed was all over me. Thinking about makes me cringe. But I did it to woo my husband. And I got him in the end, so I guess it worked.

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