What are God’s Goals for our Children? -Part 2

1950s children


Part two. Written by Jared

Jesus said, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet forfeit his soul?”  Jesus’ logic here is phenomenal.  If we don’t have Jesus (even though we may have everything else) we have nothing in the end.  This is just as true for our children and should therefore give us a heavenly focus as parents.  Our children can become the most popular, wealthy, successful people, and yet, at the same time, completely forfeit eternal life in God’s Kingdom.  What are your goals for your children?  Is it the goals of this world, or the goals of God’s Kingdom?   The goal of God’s Kingdom is simple: To be a true follower of Christ and live a life of obedience.  We were created to bring glory to our King Jesus Christ, and if we aren’t doing that, then we are, in the end, wasting our life.

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What are God’s Goals for our Children? -Part 1

"Handling Tools"

My husband has actually contributed this post. He wrote it for our family ministry website but I want to share it here. Part 2 will be shared next Tuesday. 

Goals are important, not only to have, but also to examine.  Our goals reveal to us our priorities.  They show us what we are focused upon.

Many parents today, when asked about their children’s future, respond by saying something like this: “I just want them to make good grades and stay out of trouble.”  Or, “I just want them to be happy.”  Or, “I want them to be successful.”  Although these goals are well-intended and have a level of importance, they fall very short of God’s goals for our children.  It very possible for our kids to make straight A’s and stay out of trouble, and at the same time, live a life void of Kingdom activity.

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Guarding your Home: Closing the Door to Satan


God has given women a powerful job. He has called us to manage our homes. (Titus 2:3-5) This may not seem like job with power but remember who hates the home: Satan. He has a special hatred for our home because it houses the family (and God loves the family). Satan wants to make his way into your home.  He prowls around like a lion searching for families to devour.  (1 Peter 5:8) You must be on our guard. If you choose to sin or stay in sin, it leaves the gates open for the enemy. If you get angry or bitter and don’t resolve it, if you can’t control lustful or sinful thoughts etc., you are leaving your home open for him and your sin will effect your children and your husband.

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Do you Date your Kids?


Have you ever thought of the idea of dating your kids? My husband and I realized early on that taking our kids out, one-on-one, was important. Years ago, I was leading a Bible Study and I had made it “homework” to take your kids out on a date, one-on-one.  The next meeting I ask how it went? One of the moms was blown away by it. She had shared that one of her girls (around age 7 or 8) tended to be whining and discontent at home. But after taking her daughter out and spending just a couple hours with her; her daughter was amazing…for the rest of the week.

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