Intimacy Tip #3


“A loving doe, a graceful deer– may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love.” -Proverbs 5:19

Is it so terrible to say that God created men with a desire for breasts? There are many verses in the bible that tell us that men like breasts, and God created it that way. I’m sure the moment God made Eve, Adam thought, “Woooweee”. We have to understand, as women and wives, that God has created an inner desire in our husbands for the breasts of his wife. God is saying in Proverbs 5:19 that a wife’s breasts are always to satisfy her husband. Now for Tip #3.

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Do you Still Love your Husband?


When we are dating or courting our future husband, we pretty much make them feel like they are kings. We do things that we would never do otherwise. Once, when my husband and I were getting to know each other better, he asked me to swim down this canal of a lake. As we got further back, it was covered in green slim which attached to our skin and it was gross. Sea weed was all over me. Thinking about makes me cringe. But I did it to woo my husband. And I got him in the end, so I guess it worked.

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Create a Love List about your Husband


Have you ever created a love list about your husband? Whether you are in a stage of complete love, or full of bitterness, this simple act can build your love for your spouse and strengthen your marriage. It is so easy to see the negative sides of people. This is an unfortunately reality of our flesh: we remember the bad things and forget the good things.

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What’s Intimacy Got to do With it? #1


So I was thinking about it and I think I’m going to do it. What is it? Well, about 3 years ago a friend and I started this blog (we unfortunately had to stop due to being extremely busy) and every Wednesday I posted a “Sex Tip”, or whatever I called it. For whatever reason at that time, I wasn’t shy about writing on the topic at all, but now I’m like “no way!”. But when I wrote about all the things I’ve learned and the things that helped, it helped other women. I even had someone come up to me on a Sunday morning at church and tell me, “Last week’s tip worked! It was great!”. So I’ll just do it…This time, every Saturday.

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And They Lived ‘Deflated’ Ever After


‘Once upon a time’ a girl met a boy and they lived ‘Happily ever after’. These 2 phrases have become very influential in our culture today. They are in books and movies. As little girls we are surrounded by glamorous fairy tales, princess stories, and the illusion of sweet Cinderella marrying her Prince Charming. Cinderella could never deflate and discourage her husband, right? Or Snow White? They are sweet and charming and sing to the birdies. Which is exactly how our marriages are, right?

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