Intimacy Tip #3


“A loving doe, a graceful deer– may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love.” -Proverbs 5:19

Is it so terrible to say that God created men with a desire for breasts? There are many verses in the bible that tell us that men like breasts, and God created it that way. I’m sure the moment God made Eve, Adam thought, “Woooweee”. We have to understand, as women and wives, that God has created an inner desire in our husbands for the breasts of his wife. God is saying in Proverbs 5:19 that a wife’s breasts are always to satisfy her husband. Now for Tip #3.

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Intimacy Tip #2

1950s kissing

I think there should be some kind of class you have to take between your wedding and reception about sex. Everything from the design of sex to sex while you have a breastfeeding baby. It’s a topic that all the Cosmopolitan magazines talk about but it never gets into the church classroom. Ha! Can you imagine! Well, here is week 2! Continue reading

What’s Intimacy Got to do With it? #1


So I was thinking about it and I think I’m going to do it. What is it? Well, about 3 years ago a friend and I started this blog (we unfortunately had to stop due to being extremely busy) and every Wednesday I posted a “Sex Tip”, or whatever I called it. For whatever reason at that time, I wasn’t shy about writing on the topic at all, but now I’m like “no way!”. But when I wrote about all the things I’ve learned and the things that helped, it helped other women. I even had someone come up to me on a Sunday morning at church and tell me, “Last week’s tip worked! It was great!”. So I’ll just do it…This time, every Saturday.

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