Are You Enjoying God?


When you think of God, what do you think of? Many Christians lack imagination when they think of God.  Yes, He is all-knowing and all-present, but a lot of times we don’t really think about Him much more beyond that. What we think about God will determine our level of enjoyment in our relationship with God. This are why the names of God are so important: They give us insights into the beauty, drama, and majesty of God.

My idea of who God is will be different from yours because of my worldviews and circumstances. And your will be different because of your worldviews. I met someone once who always pictured God as angry, and thinking of Him as a loving Daddy was a big stretch! What about if you believe that God doesn’t really care what happens on earth? Then thinking of Him as your rock during hard times would be hard. Is God more abstract to you? Or more personal?

When you have trials and hard times is God your Daddy (Abba)? Because HE wants to be your Daddy. He yearns for us to spend time Him. I confess that I do not spend as much time with Him as I should. There seems to be so many others “things” to occupy my time and day.  He has offered a relationship to me, and I fail to enjoy it.  I fail to see how amazing He really is.

The more we rightly understand who God is the better our relationship will be with Him. How can we have a good relationship with God if we don’t experience Him on a personal level? If I just knew random facts about my husband but didn’t see our relationship as something that should be personal, we would run into a lot of trouble. We would not have the same amount of intimacy as a couple who was very personal and intimate.

We must work on seeing God on more of a personal level instead of an abstract level (like most westerners do).  This is why His names are so important:

He is your Comforter in hard times.

He is you Counselor in times of trouble.

He is your Bread of Life when life doesn’t seem worth it.

He is your Shield against the evil one

He is your Rock to hold you steady

He is your Refuge when life gets crazy

He is Your Dweling Place when you start to worry

Be aware of these. Practice putting these into your life. ENJOY who God is.  He isn’t boring; He is exhilarating.  He isn’t abstract; He is an intimate lover.


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