Wednesday Workout- Safe Exercises for Moms (Week Two Abs)

sign direction made with rust metal made in 2d software Do you have diastasis? Prolapse? Umbilical hernia? These ab exercises will help! They are also safe to do while you are pregnant.

These 3 exercises today are the safest of safe but extremely effective for moms. Please watch week one (click here). If you have chosen to do these to rebuild pelvic floor strength and correct your abs, do ‘week one’ for a whole week, add in ‘week two’ exercises and do both for a week.  I will call week one and week two: Phase One Did you watch week one? Please do and find out if you have diastasis recti (this is in the first video). Week Two: 3 more safe ab exercises

Cat Bridge Knee Raise How to strengthen pelvic floor


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