The Importance of Modesty



“I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves…”

1 Timothy 2:9

It’s not a secret that immodestly dressed women catch the eyes of men. Showing too much of your thigh or too much breast can be very destructive to a man’s mind. I am currently living in Guatemala were you see a lot of women with the backs missing from their shirts (and their bras showing), or their shirts are see through. But in the U.S. there is immodesty as well, from going to a public swim place where dozens of females are dressed in bikinis, to immodest low cut shirts even at church. I have even met a women who left their church in the U.S. because of a staff women dressing so immodest. We have to understand that the way we dress effects others: men and women.

Do you know the definition of cleavage?

    • The hollow between a woman’s breasts when supported, especially as exposed by a low-cut garment.

But why do women dress immodest in the first place? Why do we wear low cut garments?

When I put make-up on in the morning, I don’t do it just for myself or my husband, but for other people to see me pretty too. Do I think it’s wrong to wear make up? No, absolutely not. But the example of why we put on make-up is similar to why one would dress immodest. They do it so that people will see them as pretty or sexy. Did you know that back when bikinis first came out, they could only get prostitutes to model them? Now it’s just common, even in the church. The barometer for modesty has drastically changed over the last 100 years. I don’t think we should all dress in clothes from the 1800’s, but we need to compare our modesty with scripture, not the world. We need to examine our motives for what we wear.  Women who wear immodest clothing, usually do it because they like when people see them as sexy. Fortunately, we can still look good and dress totally cute but still have our upper thighs and our cleavage covered. We must remember that we will give an account for our actions. (2 Cor. 5:9-10) This will include what we wear. We should be dressing for Christ.

The question we must ask is the following: Do I dress in a way that pleases the Lord?


MikaRose modest cute clothingI found this photo online. I do not know the company at all. It was just cute modest clothes.



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