Friendship with the World and Homosexuality


by: Jared

“You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. ”  James 4:4

Why is everyone talking about homosexuality these days?  It seems like everywhere you turn, there it is; on the television, on the internet, and in the papers.  Why is it so popular?  The answer is the following: We are in a battle, and homosexuality is a tool of the enemy.

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Are You Enjoying God?


When you think of God, what do you think of? Many Christians lack imagination when they think of God.  Yes, He is all-knowing and all-present, but a lot of times we don’t really think about Him much more beyond that. What we think about God will determine our level of enjoyment in our relationship with God. This are why the names of God are so important: They give us insights into the beauty, drama, and majesty of God.

My idea of who God is will be different from yours because of my worldviews and circumstances. And your will be different because of your worldviews. I met someone once who always pictured God as angry, and thinking of Him as a loving Daddy was a big stretch! What about if you believe that God doesn’t really care what happens on earth? Then thinking of Him as your rock during hard times would be hard. Is God more abstract to you? Or more personal?

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Wednesday Workout-Safe Exercises For Moms (Week Three Abs) & (Stretches)


Phase two+stretches

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. Kids have been sick and lots has been going on here in Guatemala. So since its been so long, I have a double treat for you! Two videos! Phase Two of my Mom Safe Ab Exercises and also a video with 3 great stretches! I’m even uploading them Tuesday night! There is no telling what tomorrow will bring so I’m getting it done now!  Enjoy!

Do you have a weak leaky bladder? Maybe you still have a poochy belly after losing all your other baby weight. These may help!

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Friendship With The World- Physical Purity


written by Jared

 We live in a culture that doesn’t respect the Bible’s claim for purity.  The idea of staying both physically and emotionally pure, as you wait for your future spouse, is not regularly practiced.  In fact, this idea is mocked.  You would think that a man of purity, such as Tim Tebow, should be a role-model for our children.  The remnant honors him, but our culture mocks his virginity.  Why?  Because it shines a light on their inner guilt and shame.   Remember the following: The enemy loves dating because it deceives God’s little-ones into sin and shame.

From ancient past up until the 1950’s, the idea of dating didn’t really exist.  We have become so accustomed to idea of dating, that we fail to recognize its danger.  Dating is a pseudo-marriage.  The couple becomes exclusive.  They are physical.  Often, the pseudo-marriage ends in pseudo-divorce, and the two people are the worse for it.  By the time marriage comes, they’ve been attached, torn apart, and reattached to so many people (both physically and emotionally) that they go into real marriage tattered and torn.  Most people, in hindsight, will admit to these facts.  And yet, parents continue to encourage or allow their children to date while saying, “Isn’t that cute?”

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Wednesday Workout- Safe Exercises for Moms (Week Two Abs)

sign direction made with rust metal made in 2d software Do you have diastasis? Prolapse? Umbilical hernia? These ab exercises will help! They are also safe to do while you are pregnant.

These 3 exercises today are the safest of safe but extremely effective for moms. Please watch week one (click here). If you have chosen to do these to rebuild pelvic floor strength and correct your abs, do ‘week one’ for a whole week, add in ‘week two’ exercises and do both for a week.  I will call week one and week two: Phase One Continue reading

What are God’s Goals for our Children? -Part 2

1950s children


Part two. Written by Jared

Jesus said, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet forfeit his soul?”  Jesus’ logic here is phenomenal.  If we don’t have Jesus (even though we may have everything else) we have nothing in the end.  This is just as true for our children and should therefore give us a heavenly focus as parents.  Our children can become the most popular, wealthy, successful people, and yet, at the same time, completely forfeit eternal life in God’s Kingdom.  What are your goals for your children?  Is it the goals of this world, or the goals of God’s Kingdom?   The goal of God’s Kingdom is simple: To be a true follower of Christ and live a life of obedience.  We were created to bring glory to our King Jesus Christ, and if we aren’t doing that, then we are, in the end, wasting our life.

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